• ATS
  • VSP
  • HPC
  • MCAL Drivers
  • Applications
  • Adaptive
  • BSP
  • RTOS, Linux
  • ISO26262
  • ASIL – A/D
  • HW, SW or Mixed
  • Certifications
  • HIL, SIL
  • Diagnostics
  • Timing
  • Performance

Engineering Development & Testing Services

Telematic Solutions

Body Electronics

Integrated Digital Cockpit

In-vehicle Diagnostics


Infotainment & Connectivity


Cloud to Car Solution

Leverage readily available, functional safety integrated platforms and reduce your time-to-market significantly

Advanced Telematics System

High Performance Compute

Vision Sub-Systems

We understand complex technologies and the need to make it robust, controllable and reliable. Adept’s Functional Safety solutions are designed to make you more confident.

Our PoC Story

End-to-End Solutions. Over 25+ PoC/Product Turnkey Engagements. 100+ First Success Projects

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