We Imagine The Ideal And Make It Real

As-line with Moore’s law todays chip complexity is growing rapidly into multi-million gates, and constantly driven by market conditions to improve in three areas Area, Speed and Power. Not only these but also latest technology adds challenges in design closure and reliability stand point. Our team understands all the stated challenges and have experience in delivering turn-key solutions for getting the first-pass silicon right. Under the belt we’ve about experience of closing nearly 50 SoC design tapeouts and majority being Graphics Processors. Our team is well conversed with industry standard tools from Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor. Adept offers maximum flexibility with respect to services offered. The entire physical design process can be outsourced to Adept. Alternatively, our designers can work as an extension of the client engineering team. Projects can be completed at the client site, Adept offices, or a combination of the two.