Turnkey Designs - Product Engineering​

Instrument Cluster
MISRA Compliance for Features
Instrument Cluster Features Implements
Low level driver support
Glassless 3D TV
Real Time Transformation of legacy 2D/3D Videos.
Security Authentication Module.
Rendering Unit Design.
HW/SW Platform: ZC U102/706 based Target Board (ARM A53), Android Video Input Stream device, Linux OS
Tools: Vivaldo, GCC Compiler
Successful Product Prototyping
Board Design, Bring Up and Validation
Firmware Development for Multi-Core SOC containing Cortex M4 Arm Core, Secure Boot Loader, Crypto DMA, Quad – SPI, I2C, WDT, UART, TIMER and GPIO.
RTOS Porting on Firmware.
Test Application Development.
Developed re-usable Middleware components and Protocol Stacks.
NB-IoT SoC Prototype Board Bring Up and Validation.